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Trust is not based on perfection in us as parents, but on our being available and present when our child needs us.

~Dr. David Cross

Rebecca Brochtrup, ACMHC - I

The Center for Hope and Healing is an outpatient treatment facility for children and families. We provide research based1 treatment for traumatized or hard to manage children, including children in foster care, adopted through foster care or adopted through orphanages.

Our clincians are trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI). TBRI is an attachment based trauma informed intervention that is designed to meet the complex needs of vulnerable children. It is a therapeutic model that trains parents and caregivers to provide effective support and treatment for at risk children.​

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Hope Nichols, ACMHC-I

Yasaman Keshavarz, CSW

Michelle Benson is an advanced practiced registered nurse (APRN) who is credentialed in child and adolescent mental health. She graduated from BYU with a B.S in Nursing and received her Master's degree from the University of Utah. Michelle has been treating children and adolescents since 2000. 

Michelle provides psychiatric evaluation and medication management for a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. 

Michelle is also a TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Intervention) , a therapy specifically designed to help children with early trauma and their families. 

Michelle Benson, APRN


Becky L Pierce, LCSW

Rebecca is passionate about working with her clients to explore new and more helpful means to navigate through life.  For seven years she has worked in different types of positions and locations providing clinical treatment. She utilizes a collaborative, strengths-based approach when working with clients in order to provide them with concrete skills and tools they can utilize both within and outside of therapy. Rebecca readily utilizes CBT approaches when working with clients of all ages.  Rebecca has been trained in Multi-Dimensional family therapy, a model that works within multiple systems in order to strengthen attachment and communication between parents and teens.  Rebecca is also versed in a wide array of modalities aimed to help young children process their feelings and experiences through dyadic play.

Rebecca received her Bachelor’s degree from Colorado College and her Masters in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Rebecca has experience in a range of different areas including, trauma, anxiety, depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder/attention deficit disorder, relationship difficulties, attachment and self-esteem.   She has experience working with adults and children struggling with OCD. She utilizes Exposure and Response Prevention Training to manage and overcome symptoms of OCD. She has experience working within school systems, home environments, residential and outpatient settings. She has also assisted parents, teachers and caregivers to implement effective parenting approaches for children struggling with oppositional behaviors.  Rebecca emphasizes the relational aspect of therapy in order to provide an environment that feels safe and supportive for each person.

Rebecca Cohen, LCSW

Marissa Turner, ACMHC-I

Amy Frandsen, CSW

Jordan Briggs, ACMHC-I

Becky Pierce is a licensed clinical social worker who has been in practice since 1999. She graduated from Westminster College with a B.S. in Psychology and received her Master’s degree from the University of Utah.

Becky enjoys working with children ages two and up and their families. She uses a variety of of methods to help her clients increase coping and problem solving skills, process trauma, express feelings more effectively, and improve parent child relationships.

Becky is a TBRI Practitioner (Trust Based Relational Intervention) , a therapy specifically designed to help children with early trauma and their families.